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Entrepreneurs, managers? You are about to discover the most comprehensive technological tool available to manage and centralize your entire business.

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Billjobs manages and centralizes all your business activities

From project management, production and client relations to the quotation process and invoicing… everything is centralized in a single tool. We have developed a one-of-a-kind technology that simplifies employee, partner and client business management.

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BillJobs is designed for service business owners seeking to centralize and regroup all business activities and tasks within a common platform: law and engineering firms, communication agencies, architects, etc. This tool enables you to maximize the return of your projects, take charge of your commercial relationships and organize your production schedule; the tool will accompany you and become your everyday ally.

Entrepreneurs and managers:

we understand your reality!

BillJobs lessens the annoyances involved in running a business. Finally, a simple, turnkey solution that allows you to focus your time and money where it matters.



Acquire a comprehensive technology ecosystem that meets your needs



Simplify and manage all communication among your team and with your clients



Standardize and automate your internal procedures; focus on what’s essential



Assign the right resources to the right project at the right time



Guide your strategy by tracking the profitability of your projects and your team’s performance



Configure your tool according to your specific needs for the best ROI

We offer unlimited support, and your entire team will be functional from day 1!


All the functionalities needed to manage a business in a single tool!

Manage your interactions with prospects and clients

BillJobs offers a configurable CRM tool based on your business realities

  • Receive, via email, an account of meetings, calls and email exchanges
  • Save time by creating configurable email templates
  • Save all your contacts in a single database
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Create, collaborate and save all your work in one location

BillJobs improves teamwork and gives you a clear picture of your production

  • Plan production by assigning tasks to every resource
  • Allocate resource time according to availability
  • Define a schedule for each task and each collaborator
  • Centralize all useful project documents in a single location
  • Consult and update your task list in real time
  • Customize each user’s access rights
  • Synchronize the agendas of your resources and collaborators
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Centralize your financial operations

BillJobs gathers all your financial and quote management in a single location

  • Create quote templates to replicate
  • Convert an estimate into a project in a single click
  • Export your billing data to your accounting software
  • Assign a different hourly rate to every type of task or every resource
  • Automatically manage taxation rates and multi-currency transactions
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Measure, control and analyze your organization’s performances

BillJobs helps you, as a manager, obtain a clear picture of your organization’s performances.

  • Oversee the profitability of current projects
  • Analyze time spent and team performance
  • Follow your business’ activities by period
  • Control expenses and bill at the right time
  • Get a clear, real-time view of your cash flow and profitability of each project
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